Data as educational guidance


How are data communicated? But above all, how can we communicate them to the youngest? It is a question we have often heard and which is not easy to answer. This is why, in collaboration with Orientamenti and the Ligurian school, university, and training department, we have decided to put data at the service of educational guidance.

The theme of orientation is as central today as never before: the world of work evolves every day, pursuing new technologies and scientific discoveries. We see the birth of professions that weren’t even conceivable up to 10 years ago and progress has no intention of stopping.

The role of education, therefore, becomes fundamental in preparing young people for something that, in many cases, does not yet exist and the skills they acquire now will be the foundation of their working career.

The partnership with Orientamenti

Orientamenti is a project by Aliseo and the Liguria Region which aims to provide young people with all the skills to grow and move better in society, orienting themselves between their school career and the world of work.

Understanding the changes in the world is therefore a necessity for all young people who see the world of work from behind a school desk, but it is our duty to provide them with the right tools to achieve their goals.

And precisely because people often complain about how much time kids spend on social networks, we decided to go directly to them and build something tailored to the platforms they spend the most time on.

The birth of OrientaData & Social

Data as educational guidance - OrientaData & Social
Featured image of OrientaData & Social

OrientaData & Social is a project born precisely with the aim of allowing young people to find out about what is happening around them, with pills on the job market and current events to be able to better understand how the world around us evolves and what are the possibilities it offers.

But what exactly are they?

Orienta Data & Social is a novelty of ORIENTAMENTI 2020, a column conceived and created by Brain on strategy, which we wanted to introduce to better examine and analyse, with the power of numbers and ideas, how the way of working changes and how some jobs and professions lose potential and utility, while others assert themselves with ever greater strength.

Furio Truzzi, Head of Orientamenti2020

The OrientaData are cards that analyze the changes that move the trades of the future. A look at the future, where detailed information is essential to face a training and educational path in the best possible way.

OrientaData - One minute on the internet
OrientaData – One minute on the internet
OrientaData - Presence on social networks of museums during the lockdown
OrientaData – Presence on social networks of museums during the lockdown

The OrientaSocials are the tool for staying informed on all the initiatives implemented both in the Region and on the national, European, and international territory. Moments of high information on how to deal with change in times of global emergency and how this affects the scenarios that contribute to outlining the new jobs of the future.

OrientaSocial – World day without plastic bags

The two faces of a profession in continuous growth and expansion, but always from the point of view of the youngsters and for the youngsters, with practical advice and initiatives in collaboration with the project partners.

These contents were the basis of the journey that led to the Orientamenti2020 Salone, from which the many initiatives that involved young people in person, such as during Orientamenti2020 Summer, and remotely, thanks to video pills and interviews with personalities and entrepreneurs, started prominent.

Many were the guests of the live social networks on the topics of the OrientaData & Social sections, such as Vittorio Civinnini, Rudy Bandiera, and Federico Smanio, all experts in their sector who decided to provide their contribution to offer the youngsters all the information to get their bearings in the best possible way in the society in which we live.

OrientaSocial - World Entrepreneur Day
OrientaSocial – World Entrepreneur Day

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